Travel Information

As Petnica is a small village, there is no bus connection, but a shuttle bus will be available from the Valjevo bus and train stations located 7km from Petnica. So, participants (if not arriving by car directly to Petnica Science Center) should come to Valjevo, from where an organized free shuttle bus will bring them to Petnica Science Center.

More detailed information will be available in due time. Also, the LOC will provide assistance with traveling to Petnica Science Center in every way once the registration is closed.

If you travel by plane

Valjevo can easily be reached by plane via Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.
Once you arrive at the airport, you can either go by bus or by train to Valjevo, or you can rent a car and go directly to Petnica from the airport.

If you want to rent a car, you can do that for a reasonable price at the airport. You can find a list of car rental agencies and more information here.

If you are coming by public transport, join the Belgrade central bus and train stations, which are well connected to Valjevo. At the airport, you can take a bus or a taxi, which can take you to these stations.

If you travel by bus or train

If you travel by bus or train, the best way is to go to Belgrade and from the Belgrade central bus and train stations to Valjevo by bus or train.

Transport from Belgrade to Valjevo

If you travel by public transport from Belgrade to Valjevo, you can either take a bus or a train. The central bus and train stations are next to each other and you can go to Valjevo from:

Lasta Bus Station
Information and booking: (+381 800) 334 334

Belgrade Bus Station (BAS)
Information and booking: (+381 11) 2636 299

Belgrade Railway Station
Call Center: (+381 11) 3602 899

There are buses and trains from these stations to Valjevo bus or train station approximately every hour.

Shuttle service from Valjevo to Petnica Science Center

Free shuttle bus(es) from Valjevo to Petnica Science Center will be organized on Thursday. Please, if you need this service, indicate that in your Registration Form. After the registration is closed, more detailed information will be available.

If you travel by car

... just follow the map!

We encourage the participants to consider carpooling. By encouraging carpooling we want to reduce the number of cars, lower the cost by sharing cars and promote socializing while traveling to the IMC. LOC will provide you an assistance with this.

If none of above - please, contact the LOC!

Emergency telephone number

During the IMC a telephone number will be active in case you have an emergency while traveling to Petnica. More information on this will be available shortly before the start of the conference.