Conference Venue

The conference will be held at the Petnica Science Center (PSC) in Petnica, Serbia.
Petnica Science Center, P.O. Box 6, 14104 Valjevo, Serbia

Petnica Science Center, as an extracurricular science education center in the countryside, has a campus with all necessery infrastructure for the purpose of seminars and conferences. That includes separate buildings with lecture rooms and conference room, laboratories, library, restaurant and cafe, small shop, dormitory, big courtyard and parking space.

The conference room at the main building has all facilities essential for a modern day lecture room (beamer, projection screen, curtains for darkening, sorround-sound speakers, air-conditioned & air-controlled) with a capacity of 150 people.

In the hall in front of the conference room there will be a place for the IMO shop.

Poster sessions will be organized in the hall of the main building, just one floor under the conference room, and in one lecture room on that floor. The whole poster area has capacity of around 100 posters.

For the purpose of smaller meetings, open sessions, and workshops there are several lecture rooms (one with capacity of around 50 people, just across the conference room, and several others in other buildings).

There is also a computer room with 30 PCs on a Linux operating system, a beamer and a whiteboard.

Also, there is an open amphitheater in the courtyard of the campus with around 500 seats which can be used for the evening activities, group photo, etc.